Improved insight modal

Improved insight modal

This week we've improved the insight UI modal.

Thanks to the new UI, you can directly see:

  • All the Facts that led you to create the Insight
  • The Insight itself
  • All the Recommendations you've made based on this Insight

Recommendations 🧭

demo recommendations

We've created a new entity called Recommendations that allows you to share product recommendations based on your research learnings. To create a new Recommendation, select one or many insights and click on + New Recommendation.

Thanks to this new feature, you can start building your product knowledge repository based on The Atomic UX Research!

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Google connect πŸ”Œ

Google connect πŸ”Œ

You can now login or signup to Product Feedback in a few clicks!

New UI for Facts πŸŽ™

demo new UI for facts

We've added a new UI in projects that allow you to visualize all the facts that you've created within the project. Those facts can come from any customer feedback: interview notes, Typeform surveys, and more.

Thanks to this new interface, you can:

  • See all the facts
  • Filter facts by tag
  • See the insights attached to each fact
  • Create new insights by grouping facts together.
  • Attach facts to existing insights

It was by far the most requested feature from our users!

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Text editor supercharged πŸ”₯

demo new text editor

This week we've improved our text editor! New things:

  • Upload images
  • Insert links
  • Better readability with increased line-height

To insert links, select some text and paste your link.

Import Typeform surveys πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Import Typeform surveys πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

You can now import any Typeform survey into your projects. Thanks to this feature, you will finally be able to mix qualitative and quantitative customer feedback.

This prominent feature includes:

  • Import any Typeform survey to Product Feedback
  • Visualize all types of responses (open-ended questions, MCQ, ratings, etc.)
  • Tag responses
  • Create insights based on responses

When you connect a survey to Product Feedback, we import all the past entries and store all new entries that will come in the future.

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Markdown shortcuts 🦸

demo markdown shortcuts

Our text editor now supports markdown shortcuts!

It will help you to take your interview notes way faster and easily change text formatting.

Markdown shortcuts you can use:

  • Heading 1: # Heading1
  • Heading 2: ## Heading2
  • Heading 3: ### Heading3
  • Italic: *italic*
  • Bold: **bold**

Edit notes from analysis UI πŸ“

demo edit notes from analysis UI

You can now edit and tag your interview notes directly from the interview analysis UI!

Filter insights and create views 🧐

demo filter insights

We've added a filter bar to the Insights UI so you can easily see all insights collected on specific subjects. You can also create custom views so you can share custom search results with your colleagues.

Project templates 🎨

Project templates 🎨

Help your colleagues to write great project descriptions when they start new researches!

New listing for projects and insights πŸ’«

New listing for projects and insights πŸ’«

Today we've released an excellent improvement for the Project and Insights listing UIs. Sign up for the beta to check it out.

The beta is out! πŸ™Œ

Product Feedback's private beta is finally out! Sign up here to get your early access.

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