Aggregate all your customer feedback into one single powerful solution.

Product Feedback integrations

Product Surveys

NPS & Customer Satisfaction Scores

Customer Support Tickets


Get all your customer feedback annotated automatically.

Product Feedback interface for feedbacks


Our AI engine detects the sentiment behind each feedback.


Your survey responses are automatically clustered by topic.

User traits

Add context to all your feedbacks. We integrate with Segment & CRMs.


Compare segments, identify trends, and leverage feedbacks based on user personas without leaving your reporting interface.

Product Feedback interface group by user type

Compare segments

Compare your users' feelings at different steps of their journey.

Analyze in-depth

Focus on specific segments thanks to advanced filtering.

Track over time

Track the evolution of trends over time.

Set up in few seconds.

Connect Product Feedback to your favorite tools, and you're ready to go!


Create and share beautiful reports.

We designed Product Feedback reports to be flexible and adaptative to your team and KPIs.


Save hours sorting your feedbacks.

You no more need to spend hours reading your customer feedbacks every day.


Take smarter decisions with AI.

Our machine learning engine helps you understanding your users faster.


All your feedbacks stored in one place.

Product Feedback is the only hub you need for all your customer feedback.


Focus on what matters the most.

Stop being drowned in your user feedbacks and get answers to your questions faster than ever.

Start making better product decisions.

We designed Product Feedback for product people to really understand what their users think about their product and what they should build next.