Using past insights to answer today’s questions.

Store all your customer insights so everyone can easily find them later when they work on similar problems.

Product Feedback interface

Insights collected from every team are valuable. In other words, we all have a lot we can learn from each other.

Etienne Fang

UX Research Strategist @ Uber

Product Feedback interface

The repository that scales with your team.

Every team member can now run their research efficiently thanks to in-app guides and real-time collaboration.

Made for qualitative & quantitative research.

Product Feedback helps you analyzing all kind of customer feedback, whether it comes from user interviews, focus groups, or even surveys!

Integrated with your toolsProduct Feedback integrations
Product Feedback insight from qualitative and quantitative research
Product Feedback analysis UI

From messy notes to reusable insights

Compare all your interview responses at once, sort highlighted verbatims, and extract key insights faster.

Wait, there's more!


Stunning presentation mode

Turn your research summaries into great slide decks.


Unified tags

Create a single library of tag names and synonyms to avoid duplicates.


Made for collaboration

Free seats for viewers, mutilple editors, comments, and more.


Powerful Search

Find insights by filtering by keyword, persona, feature, etc.


Project & interview templates

Start every research on the same page.


Team spaces

Create a project directory per feature team.


Advanced permissions

Create rules and give specific access.



Your research secrets are safe with us.

Who can use Product Feedback?

Everyone! We believe that product knowledge should be owned by your entire team.

UX researchers, Product Managers, Product Designers, CEO & Stakeholders, Product Marketing Managers, Customer Success, Sales, Developers, ...

Start building great products faster.

We designed Product Feedback to help product teams to capitalize on user research and build meaningful products faster.