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Streamline your customer research with our collaborative interface.

No more missing sheets, non-connected airtables, lost interview notes & video recordings - we bring it all into one space.

Finally, a powerful research tool that anyone in the company will love ♥

interview guides

Start every user interview on the same page

Create detailed step-by-step guides before starting any batch of user interviews.

Create user interview guides
take notes together

Make note-taking a team sport

Take timestamped interview notes in collaboration with your team mates.

Take notes together in Product Feedback
upload recordings

Keep your videos recordings in the loop

Don't lose video recordings anymore, they're now linked to your interview notes.

Upload video recordings in Product Feedback
tag notes

Save key moments

Highlight important parts of your interviews; comparing your interviews will then be a child's play!

Tag note content in Product Feedback
compare interviews

From messy notes to reusable insights

Compare all your interview notes at once, sort highlighted verbatims, and extract key insights faster.

compare user interviews in Product Feedback

Quantitative and qualitative research now live together!

import surveys

One single place for all your customer feedback

You can import all types of data in your research projects: UX surveys, NPS polls, Product surveys, and more.

import quantitative data to Product Feedback
analyse at scale

Sort customer feedback at scale

Identify trends in survey responses, regroup them and build meaningful features faster.

import quantitative data to Product Feedback
charts and statistics

Customer knowledge based on more voices

Draw insights from imported quantitative data, MCQ survey responses or even charts created within Product Feedback.

import quantitative data to Product Feedback

Build your customer knowledge repository withAtomic UX Research

ProjectsWhat we did
FactsWhat users said
InsightsWhat we think that meant
RecommendationsWhat we should do next
explore repository

Use past insights to answer today's questions

Smartly store all your research learnings, so it's easily accessible to anyone.

explore user research repository

Integrate all your essential tools

We play nicely with other tools in your research workflow.

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Import surveys, analyze responses, and categorize them.

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Import any customer data from 3,000+ apps.

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Download your Zoom video recordings in a single click.


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